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The power of the pen can change the world.


There is absolutely nothing more powerful than words. Live 1 Media’s writing services can change the world of a customer by introducing them to your brand. Staying on message throughout all your organizations touchpoints is critical to driving sales. Schedule a call today and get the words you need to close the deal.

Attract the Right Customer

Your business has a particular customer that’s right for it to grow. The right words in the right sequence can sift through thousands to find the right one.

Help your team close the deal

Our professional writers can get customers ready for your products and services before they engage you.

Create an Unfair Advantage

Most of your competitors don’t use professional writers to describe their products and services. Your competition won’t know what hit them.

of marketers reported custom content was their top marketing priority.

Source: Altimeter

of consumers are influenced by custom content.

Source: TheMarketer

of marketers are learning to drive content to align with the buyer’s journey.

Source: LookBookHQ

The Live 1 Media Difference

Well Crafted Words

Without a doubt, content marketing, done correctly, can produce dramatic results for your business. Writing, in all of its various forms allow you to get into the mind of your buyer and take them through a journey they identify with, while at the same time, selling your products and services.

Maximize Impact

Realize the power of impact to your sells process. The right words are the difference between closing and not closing, top of search results or page 12 or winning verses losing. Let us help you win with real “word” impact.

SEO and Good Writing

With Google’s new algorithms, relevancy is key. The words on your page need to match the search terms that are highly useful to the user. Google can tell if your page isn’t relevant enough. It won’t rank high and you may even get penalized. Thoughtfully written content that’s Search Engine Optimized will eliminate all that concern. Our professional writers will write content that is clear, concise and trully SEO friendly.