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Why You Should NEVER Consider Getting Fake Online Reviews

You want to know one way to get your business shunned and packing up too shut down? Fake reviews. There is nothing that makes a customer more furious than realizing that they have ran across fake reviews for a business and are angry or confused from having a bad experience, especially after reading many positive reviews. Either way, unhappy customers will warn other people and tarnish your business’s reputation for good. Regardless of how slow business is and how badly you want to get more customers, NEVER get fake reviews.   

Always understand that fake reviews will never get you what you are asking for and could be the downfall of your business. Fake positive reviews can not cover a poorly run business, they only bring them to light. Instead of buying fake reviews, work on improving the weak areas of your business first. It will be better for everyone in the long run. 

The biggest reason that fake reviews are a big “No No” is because it makes customers not trust you at all and can ruin your personal reputation as a business owner. Being known for having fake reviews is the scarlet letter of the business world.  People will be less likely to ever trust you again because the experience that your customers have is not reflective of the online reviews that made them try your business in the first place. Choosing to buy fake positive reviews instead of gaining them naturally will give you and your business a bad reputation. 

Businesses that use fake reviews don’t understand that people are going to find out. You can only cover up for so long. Customers will start noticing that your business has been using fake reviews and the word spreads fast. If a customer sees one or two negative reviews in a sea of positive reviews, they may not suspect anything and think that those who wrote the negative review just happened to get the short end of the stick that day. If they try it out for themselves and had a bad experience they may assume the same. They’ll just think they visited on a bad day. But if five to ten people in the reviews complain about fake reviews, that may be enough to turn potential customers elsewhere. 

Remember, fake reviews never hide your problems; they only amplify them.

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