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Why You Need Newsletters

As simple and trivial as it may sound, newsletters are actually a very important part of email campaigns. Think of it like this, newsletters are the equivalent to newspapers for your company. 

Just like the public has to be informed about what’s happening in the world, your email subscribers need to stay informed on what’s happening in your company. This can be about new deals or upcoming sales, special offers, workshops, new product launches, change of location, and the list goes on. 

Newsletter material is basically any information that you feel would impact your subscribers. It lets them know what’s going on so that they can make informed purchasing decisions or simply be informed.

Newsletters are a way for you to regularly communicate with your subscribers, not make hard sales per se. Like mentioned before, they’re meant to simply inform subscribers about your present and future happenings. 

They can also encourage your subscribers to be engaged and active by inserting calls to action in them. You can encourage them to follow your company on social media platforms, share with 5 others to get a deal, or to participate in an upcoming survey. Calls to action can help boost subscriber engagement and drive more traffic. 

Another benefit of newsletters is that they build trust between the brand and the subscriber. Newsletters show that you are willing to be open and transparent about what’s going on in the company. Whether it’s good or bad news, subscribers appreciate getting updates from you. 

How would you feel if you supported a business, but never got any updates about them? It would be strange. They never notify you about special deals, important company announcements, or new products that are being released. How are you supposed to engage with them or learn about more goodies?

What if a customer wants to order a specific line of products that you took off the website. They email you about it only to find out that you are no longer serving their favorite products and unsubscribe out of anger. They would’ve taken the news of their favorite products being pulled better with just a little heads up. Yes – they still would’ve been unhappy about it – but being transparent even when you don’t like it – pays off in the long run.  

To drive the point home, let’s examine how it should have been handled. Instead of silently pulling the products off the shelves – maybe because you didn’t want to disappoint customers – you sent a newsletter announcing the discontinuation of the product and listed alternatives. You could have also stated why you discontinued the item; probably squeezing several months worth of content out of it. Instead, the subscriber may choose to not purchase from your company again or simply go elsewhere.

Hopefully, now you know how important newsletters can be regardless of good or bad news. Your subscribers invest time and money into your company, so they have the right to know what’s going on and how it will affect them. Doing your best to stay in constant communication with them through newsletters can help boost customer loyalty, build trust and grow your bottom line.  

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