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Why SEO is Important During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The current pandemic has been really discouraging for many businesses, but there is a silver lining. With people stuck at home now more than ever, their time on the internet has increased exponentially. This means that the businesses on page 1 are still getting plenty of customers and even new ones!

With most people spending the majority of their day online, this gives your business a better chance at being exposed to more potential customers. Another thing to remember is that even when the pandemic is over, it’s going to be awhile before the majority of people feel safe going out in large numbers. 

Due to the current ongoing pandemic, more people are roaming the internet, making it even more crucial for you to invest in SEO if you want to see your business thrive and grow. What good is your business if no one knows about it? 

In order for your business to grow during COVID-19, people need to know about it on the internet. SEO can help you compete with other local businesses and get more customers through your door in these harsh times. 

Your business can not fully thrive without SEO. Having your business pop up all over the first page when your services are typed into the search engine is what’s going to get your business more exposure and customers! 

Another reason why SEO is important is because it uses inbound methods so your customers come to you. It puts your business in the face of the correct audience that need your services and by nature you will have a potential sale.

If you own a pizza shop downtown and need more customers, SEO allows people to type ‘pizza near me’ in the search bar and your business pops up on the first page. What business doesn’t need that?

Did you know that 75% of people never scroll past the first page of search engines? That’s a lot of people missing out on your greatness because they don’t want to go past the first page! Customers may not be able to dine inside, but if you decide to start investing in SEO during COVID-19, you’re gonna be seeing a whole lot more online orders for pickup and delivery. 

Things have drastically changed because of the pandemic, but the business must go on. It’ll just have to be done in a different way. Even if you don’t get customers physically coming in, with SEO you can at least stay on the minds of many potential customers.

When quarantines, social distancing and limited capacities are over. They may remember constantly seeing your business pop on the first page when they were looking for a hairdresser. 

The final point? It just takes time. It can take anywhere from 6 to 12 months for a business to see the results of their investment in SEO. This venture is not for the impatient. But the end results will definitely be worth it. By getting started early, a lot of potential customers will be thinking about your business when everything gets back to normal. 

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