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Why Online Reviews Are Important

 Did you know that 84% of people trust online reviews just as much as they trust their friends? And that 68% form an opinion after reading one to six online reviews? That’s a lot of people relying on online reviews and deciding who they should spend their money with. What does that mean for you as a small business owner? Online reviews are very important! When customers are looking for a particular service or product, they’re making their decision solely based on online reviews.

Online reviews are a good way to help your business grow. The more people review your business, the more customers will come. It has been proven that people trust businesses that have been reviewed by many people. When someone shops online they can’t touch or feel the product they want to buy, leaving them with no choice but to trust online reviews. Potential customers want to see what they are getting for their money beforehand, regardless of the price. In any instance, online reviews are extremely important when it comes to buying a product. 

People also read online reviews before making a purchase at any business, regardless of what type of business it is. Restaurants, car shops, bakeries, hotels, movie theatres, roller skating rink, you name it, virtually any business will benefit from online reviews. Businesses should always do their best to help customers make their decisions. 

Try looking at it from the customer’s point of view. If you are planning a vacation to Destin, Florida, the only way to do that is to go online and compare reviews. From hotels, local restaurants, beaches to shops, it’s impossible to plan a vacation without online reviews nowadays. That just goes to show you how important they are. 

Getting online reviews is a good goal to work towards when you own a small business, it will help you use current customers to help you get more customers. Another interesting thing about online reviews is that they can also boost your rankings in search algorithms, meaning that it will help your small business be exposed to more people on the internet, especially if the majority of your online reviews are positive. The importance of online reviews became clear during the COVID-19 pandemic because more people started spending the majority of their days online. Racking up online reviews can be a good way to grow your small business.

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