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Why Fake Online Reviews Destroy Businesses

Given how time consuming and difficult the process of getting positive online reviews is, you may be tempted to purchase fake online reviews. More so if your business is poorly run and you’re desperate to get customers through the door while you work out the kinks. This is a one way ticket to shutting your doors for good. 

If you don’t remember anything else about online reviews, remember this: reviews amplify the state of your business. Good or bad, more people will experience your business with online reviews. The good service you provide will be amplified by your online reviews. In addition, your areas of struggle will be amplified too. That’s why more established businesses do so well with online reviews, they’ve worked out their kinks. 

No amount of fake online reviews can fix a poorly run business. You can’t outsmart today’s customers – they will eventually find out. And when they do, it won’t be pretty. Before venturing out looking for ways to get more positive online reviews, it’s important that your business is smoothly run and that you offer good services and products. 

Be honest with yourself about the current state of your business. Is the customer service at your business professional and positive? Are you sure you’re offering your customers quality products? Do you have the right people in the right positions? Knowing those things before reaching out for more positive reviews is the best way to make sure that you get more positive online reviews the first time around. No business is perfect and they all have their own flaws, but there is a clear difference between a poorly run business and a few kinks.

Poor leadership is another dagger in the heart of businesses. Proper leadership is a very important component to ensuring the growth of your small business. So what does bad leadership look like? Refusal to acknowledge the flaws their business has, hiring people because they are familiar instead of their level of skill, poor character, not owning up to mistakes, and no vision or mission statement for the company. 

Of course there are many other signs of poor leadership, but those are some things to look out for in assessing the health of your business before you start outreach for reviews. As the owner, this can be applied to yourself or your team. It may be a bit difficult, but the problem almost always has a root cause that can be traced back to leadership. If the growth of your business is being put on hold due to poor leadership, it is vital you address it ASAP. It will find its way into your reviews.

Good leadership is basically the opposite of everything mentioned in the previous paragraph. If you feel that your business is in a healthy place and are confident that you will get positive reviews on the first round, then you are free to start taking the steps to getting more reviews. 

Being honest with yourself about your business’s health and actively working on it is the best way to ensure that your business runs smoothly and gets the reviews you deserve. If your business is run the right way, online reviews will catapult the growth of your business.

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