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Video Marketing

Video demands the attention of a customer and draws them to your story.


If you’re looking to increase sells and separate yourself from the competition in your industry then you need a video strategy. Even if your competition has video, Live 1 Media will help you craft your video story so that people are eager to do business with you. Schedule a call with one of our video experts today.

Reach New Customers

Grow your brand and find new audiences who are hungry for video. Your video will complement all your other business touchpoints.

Stay on Top of Their Mind

Take your audience through a buyers journey that cements your services in their hearts and mind. We will also distribute your video across mobile, desktop and television.

Drive Action

You need to showcase your video to the right audience. We will make sure the right people see it on the right platform to deliver an amazing ROI.

of global internet consumption will be video content.

Source: Fit Small Business

more conversions happen with video over any other medium.

Source: Fit Small Business

more people have started watching over-the-air television since 2010.

Source: Hubspot

The Live 1 Media Difference

We Produce Video & Distribute it

There are lots of great videos that never see the light of day. If you don't know how to distribute your video then you shouldn't spend a dime creating it. Don’t lose money on your video. Live 1 Media will be there to help guide you through ideation to production to distribution so your message delivers maximum impact.

A love connection

You need people to fall in love with your company and your brand. The professionals at Live 1 Media have the video marketing skills and experience to attract the right customers and form deep, lasting relationships with them.

On site or in-studio

Whether we need to go on location or prepare for a studio shoot, Live 1 Media has the skills, equipment and technical know-how to give you an unprecedented advantage. Whether your story requires interviews, event broadcasting or information about what you do, you can count on us to deliver great quality.

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Graphic animations

Tell your potential customers about your offering with a short-animated film. We provide animated video production along with animated support graphics like intros and lower thirds.