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Video Ads

There are very few things more compelling than video advertising.

Video is dominating as the most effective form of advertising today. You need to separate your product and brand from the competition and nothing does that quite like video advertising. Our professional videographers have worked in television and online. We can create a great video to sell or a compelling video to inspire. Set up a call today so we can create a video that moves people to action.

The Right Video for Your Situation

There are many types of videos with just as many objectives. We guide you in clarifying the right goal, direction and distribution channel for your video.

Reach the Masses

Videos draw attention like no other medium. We can create videos that are the catalyst to action, the destination or both. Either way, we can bring your message to the masses.

Professional Production

Having the right team is crucial for any video project. Our staff of experienced video professionals can handle any obstacle, large or small, to produce stellar results.

increase in mobile video consumption happens each year.

Source: Insivia

of a message is retained through video, compared to 10% when reading it in text.

Source: Insivia

of people would rather watch online videos than television.

Source: Google study

The Live 1 Media Difference

Your videos get high impact

There are lots of great videos with big budgets that people never see. Many agencies create great videos but have no idea on how to distribute them to the masses. Some videos are meant for a small audience like on-boarding videos for new hires. Let's talk about your next video project. Don’t lose the desired impact of your message.

Online and over-the-air

Potential customers are searching for your products and services right now. Live 1 Media will help you reach them wherever they are with clear HD content designed to drive traffic to your business or website. We can develop a video marketing strategy that covers digital and over-the-air, giving the market a good look at who you are.

Make your videos do the heavy lifting

Online or over-the-air, we’ll write the script, find the actors, staff the production crew and distribute your amazing commercial across the necessary channels. Live 1 Media’s team of experienced professionals know the small differences between television and online audiences. We’ll bring that knowledge to bear from concept to completion of your project.

Our team will create the right vibe for your lead capture video. You only have a few seconds to grab their attention and we make it count.

Webinars are a great way to inform and warm up your audience. We’ll help you construct a webinar that keeps your desired audience hooked and filters out the tire kickers.

There’s no better way to bring people through the journey of your business like interviews. They can also be deceivingly difficult if you don’t have an experienced crew. Asking the right questions, research, proper sound and makeup are just a few of the many things needed to create a great interview. No need to worry, you’re in good hands with our experienced staff.

Sometimes you just need to show people why they need to choose you. The right video shots accompanied by the right music can really increase your bottom line.

Conferences, seminars, sports and presentations are just a few of the events that Live 1 Media can stream for you. Cameras, lighting, location and connections are just some of the issues that blind side streams. Not with us! Our team has overcome hurdles for countless events. Set up a call so we can do the same for you.