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Things You Need to Know About Nurture Campaigns

You may have heard about cold emailing, but what about nurture emailing? When it comes to email campaigns, you can’t be all about sales, you have to show your subscribers that you actually care about them and know where they are in the buying process. Let them know that you’re aware of their specific needs and ready to offer support. 

An email nurture campaign is a personalized email campaign based on the subscriber’s activity. Where the subscriber is in the buying stage determines what emails that will be sent to them. A nurture email campaign for someone who’s a long time customer is going to be different from the one you send to somebody who just subscribed yesterday.  They’re in two different places in the buying process and require an email campaign specific to where they are. This allows you to engage with your subscribers on a more personal level and show that you are able to tend to their specific needs. 

This type of email campaigning is so important because it shows your subscribers that want to build relationships, trust, and loyalty with them. When it comes to email campaigns for your subscribers, don’t become another invasive and annoying emailer that is constantly pushing a sale. That’s how you get put on their block list. You want to show your subscriber that you actually are paying attention to them and know what they need. Think of what would a person at this stage be feeling? What would they want to know? What should they expect next?

It is a must that you come across in a very personal tone with them in nurture email campaigns. Your job is to guide them throughout the buying process. It would not make sense to send a bunch of sales and discounts to a person who subscribed yesterday. Instead, you need to be sending them a welcome email and a series of emails with information about your company. You want to get to know them before you start throwing deals in their face. 

The key to email nurturing is guiding them throughout the process step by step. This is impossible to do if you never pay attention to your process and the activity patterns of past customers. Take the time to personalize an email campaign that meets them where they’re at within each part of the journey. 

A parent does not raise a child simply by providing food, water, clothes, and shelter. No, they need time, love, and care as well. The same concept applies to this type of email campaign. In order for your campaign to grow and flourish, you need to personalize emails that nurture the subscriber based on where they are in their journey.

There are many different types of email campaigns out there, but you should take note of this one because it’s going to help you build relationships, trust, and loyalty with your subscribers. It will benefit you in the long run because a loyal customer base will skyrocket the growth of your business. 

The more loyal a subscriber is, the more likely they are to recommend your business to someone else.

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