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The Six Essentials – What To Say In Your TV AD

What you say in your ad is very important. The most effective ads need just the right script to hook people in. The whole point is to get them to consider purchasing something from your business. People have short attention spans, places to be, and things to do, so it is very important that you get in the critical details during the few seconds you have. 

There’s not enough time to list all of the wonderful things your small business has to offer, so let’s look at six essential nuggets of information you need for effective ads:

  1. Who you are. This is pretty obvious. You need to have the name of your business repeated often in the ad, but not too much. It can get annoying for the viewers. Mention it too few times and you run into the risk of people not remembering your business. Find a happy medium.
  2. Where you are located. This one is a no brainer. You need to include the location of your business so people can find you. You simply say it or just put the address in the part of the commercial where you’re giving out information.
  3. A reason. You want to give your customers a reason to try you. People are not going to spend their hard earned cash so easily. It’s up to you to convince your viewers why it’s worth it to buy from you. Try mentioning a popular product or special deals if available.
  4. A slogan. Just think of any household brand name. Chances are, there was probably a catchy slogan that stuck with you. That slogan helped you remember their name. Having a memorable slogan actually has more power than you think. It’s more than just a catchy phrase, it’s a way for customers to remember your business and what it has to offer.
  5. How to find your business. Include information about where and how your viewers can find you. This can be a website or social media page. Be sure to include this in the commercial. You don’t want to leave interested viewers clueless. If you give them the web address or phone number, they can at least take a picture of the screen and look it up later.
  6. One message. It is crucial to have one message when you’re trying to promote your small business. It may be tempting to cram in everything possible about your business and what it has to offer, but just keep it short and sweet. Remember, you’re limited to only a few seconds in your ad. It’s important that you focus on one central message that your audience will remember easily. If you throw too many things in at once, they may become overwhelmed and disinterested.

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