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The Basics of What Should go on Your Website

You need to think of our website as your online home. Your website is your potential client’s or customer’s first impression of you. Just because you make a good first impression in real life while networking with them in person, still doesn’t mean that your website can’t make or break your new connection. 

Your website should be simple and well organized. You want people to be able to easily navigate your website and have a positive experience there. At the very least your website should contain the following: 

  1. Homepage
  2. About page 
  3. Contact page 

Those three pages should be enough to inform your potential customers, clients, and recruiters what you are about. Your home page should have a professional picture of you and a clear personal mission statement. What is the purpose behind the work that you do? It doesn’t have to be long. It just needs to be a sentence or two and memorable. The about page should have a synopsis about what you do and the goal of your work. Your contact page should have your contact information if someone reaches out to you for business. You can also add a few more pages to display the work that you have completed. By doing this you are putting your best self out there and opening the door to new opportunities. 

In addition to those three pages, you should also have space dedicated to showing off your work and products. This is where all of the work that you have done or pictures of your products are held. This can be freelance projects, pictures of food you’ve cooked, articles you’ve written, videos, presentations, and whatever you are proud of! You want to leave a good lasting impression on the people that go to your website. The goal of displaying your work or products on the website is to establish credibility among those who could potentially do business with you in the future. Make sure that it is your best work as well. Only post what you are proud of and feel like would make a lasting impression. 

You also want to make sure that your website is functioning properly as well. If you’re going to have customers coming to your website to order products and pay for services, it is crucial that all of that is working smoothly. People will be very unhappy with your website if it crashes when they try to confirm payment. Remember people are only going to enter their personal information so many times before they move on – permanently. It’s important to fix such issues as soon as possible, especially if you have multiple customers complaining about similar problems. Ignoring them only gives you a bad rep and that can be the downfall of your business.

Making sure that your website is in top condition is the key to being on the right track for success. Having a good impression of your website to go along with the positive connection you made in person, can increase your chances of attracting meaningful opportunities. It’s important to give your website as much attention, hard work, care, and maintenance as you do to your small business. 

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