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The Basics of Cold Emailing

Cold emailing is when you send an email to a person that you do not know to introduce yourself and show the person that you have something they could possibly need in the future. 

Cold emails are different from sales emails and serve different purposes. This form of emailing is a way for you to get your business out there, build possible relationships, and to see who’s interested in your business. 

When most people send cold emails, they are doing so because they want something from the person that they are sending it to. It may sound a bit shallow, but it’s actually not. Chances are the person you send a cold email might need something that you have to offer to them, so it’s a win-win situation. 

One of the most notable benefits of sending cold emails, is that this is another way to get your business out there and get on people’s radar. You never know what kind of opportunities may arise because of a cold email you sent a while back. You will not get a response every time you send one, but realize with each cold email you send, your chances of receiving a meaningful opportunity that can grow your business increases. 

Cold emailing can be another avenue for marketing your business. You are simply letting them know what you can do for them. It also gives the person that you send the email to, a bit of an ego boost because they realize that you chose to reach out to them based on their expertise or interest in a particular area. Don’t be shy to email someone that you don’t know. Also there is no need to fear rejection. Let’s break that fear now – it’s going to happen! 

You do want some responses though. If you send out 50 to 100 emails to people who could benefit from your product or service and you hear nothing – you may want to make some tweaks. But remember, not everyone will want what you’re selling at that time and cold emailing is no different than any other form of marketing – it’s a numbers game.

The benefits and possible outcomes of sending cold emails are worth far more than the risk of rejection. However, all that work means absolutely nothing if you are writing them the wrong way. In order to get a genuine response, there are certain things you should do. Keep in mind that you are asking a favor from someone that you do not know personally on the internet.

Here are some quick tips to increase your chances of getting a response back: 

  1. Personalize it. Personalizing your cold email decreases the chances of it being put on the unsubscribe list. It does not need to read like you sent it to a thousand people. Introduce yourself and mention some of the things that you or your company can do for them. Do a little research on the needs and desires of your email list beforehand.    
  2. Make it specific to the sender. Try to find something that you have in common with the sender. This can be something like having the same hometown or university alumni. This shows that you took the time to go and find out about the person that you are cold emailing. It can also be an ice breaker and make them feel more at ease. If you’re sending to a group of people, find commonalities within that group.
  3. Keep it short and sweet. Most people are not going to take the time to read a long email. The average adult has a million things going on. You should know, you’re probably one of them. Business owners get tons of emails daily. The last thing they want to do is read a novel on their lunch break or when they get home. Keep is short, simple, and straight to the point. 

Cold emailing may sound intimidating, but if you build a targeted list, find commonalities and message it the right way you can open yourself up to some pretty cool opportunities. Don’t get discouraged by the lack of responses and evaluate the type of cold emails you are sending. This is your time to lay out what you have to offer.

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