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The 2 Things You MUST Know About Local Cable Advertising

Local cable TV advertising is a great way to get the message out to more people about your business. In addition to that, you will be showing your ads to people in targeted areas that you feel will get the best results. 

Remember that not everyone is going to spend enough time on the internet to run across your business. Depending on their daily schedule, the only time they may see your product advertised is during the late afternoon when they get home from work. Maybe they watch Judge Judy on their local Fox station to unwind. 

Just because it’s becoming increasingly more popular to advertise on social media, does not mean that you have to ditch this classic way of advertising. It’s been tried and true for decades. No matter how many new smart phones get released, TVs have become a standard household item and are not going anywhere for awhile.  

Before you do anything in regards to local cable advertising, it’s important to know the two primary ways to advertise and the difference between them. 

  1. Spot local cable advertising is when you buy commercial time on a cable system in a specific city.
  1. Network on the other hand, puts your ad on a national cable channel like ABC exposing your product to a larger audience. But they cost significantly more and the prices are harder to negotiate. 

For the majority of small businesses spot buys are within budget and easy to negotiate. 

When it comes to local cable advertising, it’s important to think about choosing your channel. This is important because you want to make sure that the channel you select has an audience that will be the most responsive to your ads. For example, if your small business sells cookware, it wouldn’t make sense to advertise on a channel for adult males in their mid 40s. 

You would be better off advertising your product on a channel where the majority of the demographic are stay-at-home moms. Did you know that the cable provider can provide you with demographic details on each channel? Don’t forget to ask them.

The next order of business is get ad rates from the cable provider. Prices range widely and you could spend anywhere from $2 to 2,000 per commercial depending on the television market you live in, the number of commercials you’ll run, the time limit of the buy and channel. 

The prices and the length of the buy depend greatly on your market. If you live in a remote part of the country for example, you’ll be able to purchase a longer buy at a cheaper price compared to a shorter and more expensive buy on a premium channel. 

Last but not least, you need to negotiate. Yes you can negotiate! A great perk of going with local cable advertising is the fact that the rates are highly negotiable. Don’t be shy. You may be able to put a little cash back in your pockets.  

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