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Social Media Setup

Lighten your load with proper social media set up and engagement services.

You have neglected your social media accounts for far too long. Or worse, you have no social media presence at all. You know you need to address this section of your business but don't know where to start. We will help you create, revamp or amplify your social media properties. Schedule a meeting today to make your social media one of your most productive team members.

Pick the right platforms

With so many social media platforms and even more strategies available, where do you start? We can help select and strategize the best social media platforms for your business.

Set up the proper structure

Each social media platform is different. We help you structure your contacts, content and workflow in a way that grows your audience and deepens current connections.

Drive new customers to you

Social media can really help drive local business if done properly. We will set your businesses social media presence up the right way so you’re ready to drive more traffic.

of consumers who’ve had a positive social media experience with a brand recommends that brand to family and friends.

Source: Forbes

of social media browsers use it to research products and services.

Source: GlobalWebIndex

of U.S. adults report that they are Facebook users.

ource: Oberlo

The Live 1 Media Difference

Simple Setup Solutions

Everyone doesn’t need an elaborate system for social media and some do. If you simply want a social media account that matches your website or branding – we got you covered. We’ll make sure your social media properties are great extensions of your websites or brand.

Business Class Social Media Integration

Inefficient social media efforts put a serious strain on resources. With the right social media management system, you can soar to new heights. We’ll help you identify the right people within your organization to manage your social media properties or we can manage them for you. When to post, what to post and who will post are critical factors to a business’s social media success.

Account Setup

We will setup an efficient social media structure on the right platform and integrate it into your business to increase output. We will also create the banner and profile images for your accounts that speak to your mission and your brand.

Connect to websites

Changes to your website should be reflected on your social media properties. Our developers will connect your website and your social media accounts so that they work as one. Blog updates will automatically turn into social media posts or a running twitter feed can be integrated into your website. We connect your online presence so that your best is always shown.

Q & A – How do I manage my social media presence?

If you have one social media account or multiple accounts on multiple platforms, you need to manage them effectively.

  1. Decide who will manage it. It works better if you designate someone to own it. You can have a team, but you still need someone to steer the ship for your brand whether it’s a full time or part time position.
  2. Decide on resources. Whether its time, money or personnel, you need to honestly evaluate how much effort you can put into social media without negatively impacting your business.
  3. Plan your posts. First take time to figure out what your customers like about you or your business. Then plan posts (text, images or video) around it. They chose you for a reason. Help them show that reason to their network.

Live 1 Media can create and manage accounts on multiple platforms and have them all running in sync.