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Reputation Management

A great reputation is better than any marketing campaign.

No Trust – No Sale! A low amount of reviews is almost like no reviews and old reviews along with bad reviews damage your reputation and kill your sales. Our automated online review system encourages your customers to leave a review and allows you to respond to bad reviews before they go public. Schedule a meeting today to get your automated review system started. Improve your trust factor and increase your sales.

Take Control of Your Reviews

Our system promotes good customer reviews and gates the bad ones so you can respond. You also get a personalized review page to build trust and improve rankings.

Build Trust with Potential Customers

You trust products and services with a good reputation. Your potential customers are no different. Use your happy customers to bring new ones.

No Sweat – We Got It

Reviews are important but your hands are full. Take reviews off your plate. Press the easy button with our automated Reputation Management System.

read reviews before buying.

Source: BIA/Kelsey

say online reviews impact their purchasing decisions.

Source: Podium

read businesses’ responses to reviews.

Source: BrightLocal

The Live 1 Media Difference

Know the good, the bad and the ugly

Your success depends heavily on your reputation. You work hard for your customers. Give them the opportunity to tell others. On the flip side, you need to identify problems fast and fix them even faster. This tool helps you build a better business that clearly separates you from the competition.

Reengage past customers who didn’t leave reviews

Did you know that your current list of customers is the fasted way to add lots of positive reviews? We can use your current customer base to increase your positive reviews fast.

Show your good works

When someone leaves a good review through our system, they are immediately prompted to submit that review on Google and Facebook. Your customer is seamlessly connected with these platforms so its effortless to them, helping to promote even more reviews for you.

Get ahead of bad reviews

You are instantly notified when someone leaves a bad review. This allows you to address the situation and hopefully fix it. Your future revenue can be negatively impacted by how you respond to bad reviews.

Q & A - How do I fix bad reviews?

You’re left with very few options here. Reach out to the person to fix the problem and maybe they will change it. You could ask more people to give reviews and hope that they are mostly good. Or you can set up a system that brings all reviews to you first like the Live 1 Media Automated Reputation Management System.