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Photos for Your Website

The photos that go up on your website are important. You want them to represent you and your small business well. You can tell a lot about a company by the photos that they post. Making sure that you have high quality photos that tell a story and communicate a clear message on your website can take you far. But what if you do not have the time to do that? You should look into hiring a professional photographer. There are also other reasons why you might want to do so. 

You need clear images of your work or products and a professional photographer is going to be able to capture that. It would also help to include before and after images depending on what it is. Pictures of your work or products should speak for itself. You want potential customers and clients to know that you mean business and that they can trust your abilities to get the job done. How is an engaged couple supposed to decide whether or not they want your business to cater food for their wedding if there are no photos of food you’ve catered? Or they look at the photos and they’re blurry and hard to see. They most likely will look for another place.

Another reason why you want to consider hiring a professional photographer is that you may not have the time to do it yourself. Hiring a professional photographer can take the load off your shoulders and leave room in your schedule for you to complete other tasks. Depending on how many photos you want, the quality, location, and lighting, it may cost time and money. But it’ll be worth it because you’ll be able to tend to other important tasks that you would have not been able to do if you were spending that time trying to get the right angles of your picture. Hiring a photographer is ideal, but here are some things you can do until then to get quality photos:

  1. Invest in a good camera. It would be worth it to invest in a good camera. There are some that are under $300. You can also buy used cameras for a much cheaper price.
  2. Find a nice background. Find an appropriate background to shoot your photos in. Depending on what you are taking a picture of, your background may be an office space or at the beach. Use your best judgement on what would work best for a background. 
  3. Set your camera’s focus. You want your camera to focus on the product that you are taking a picture of, not everything else around it. 
  4. Have good lighting. Make sure that there is good lighting. You don’t want what you are taking a picture of to fade off into the background. Get a bright light or use natural light to highlight what you are trying to capture.
  5. Simple is better. If you are just starting out, simple really is better. You want the viewers to focus on the product. No need for distractions or fancy details that take away the focus from the product. 

It is easy for a lot of small business owners to ignore the importance of getting professional photos of their work or products if they are not that interested in it. Having well taken photos to go on your website can make or break your business, because pictures can say a thousand words. They also serve as proof of the quality of work and service your small business has to offer. 

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