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92% of customers read online reviews

This guide explores the intersection of marketing and online reviews and why they are essential for your business, regardless of your product or service.

Good reviews and 5-Star ratings improve your search rankings

Learn how to get new reviews on Google, Facebook, and review sites relevant to your business. Improve Google search rankings, and get more clients to your business on autopilot. In this e-book you will learn:

  • why marketing your business has gotten tougher.
  • tips to start getting positive ratings and reviews for free.
  • how to jumpstart your ratings and reviews on autopilot.

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A great reputation is better than any marketing campaign.


No Trust – No Sale! A low amount of reviews is almost like no reviews and old reviews along with bad reviews damage your reputation and kill your sales. You need your customers to leave a review and you need to respond to bad reviews ASAP. This e-book shows you how to do all of that and take back your time.

Take Control of Your Reviews

Learn how to promote good customer reviews and gate the bad ones in this e-book. You can respond to both, build trust in the marketplace and improve your rankings.

Build Trust with Potential Customers

You trust products and services with a good reputation. So does your potential customers. This guide will show you how to use the positive experiences of your happy customers to bring new ones through the door.

Don't Sweat it – Put it on autopilot

Reviews are important but your hands are full. Through this e-book you will learn how to take reviews off your plate. Press the easy button while building a great reputation.

Rank Higher in searches

Did you know that 58% of all reviews in 2018 were on Google? Google is the number one search engine and it relies on the opinions of others in its rankings. The more positive reviews you have the higher you will rank. Learn how to harness the power of Google through your ratings and reviews.

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Be Found. Be Chosen. Be Profitable.

There’s no question about the positive impact of good ratings and reviews on your business. The problem is that you may not know how much of an impact it has. Download this guide and share it with your team. Unleash the power of the new way to market your business. All you need is the right guide. Get the free e-book or schedule a call today.