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Importance of Drip Campaigns

In its most basic form, an email drip campaign is when you essentially “drip” information to your subscribers periodically over a period of time. It’s often based on where they are in the buying process. For example, a loyal customer would probably appreciate a drip campaign of deals and sales versus someone who just subscribed yesterday. Their wants and needs are different because they’re not in the same part of their customer journey. 

These emails are usually pre-written and automated. The goal of an email drip campaign is to move the subscriber towards the final conversion point through a series of pre-written marketing emails. 

The benefit is that they are constantly informing your subscribers about your business at every stage of the process. Over time this could potentially peak their interest and prompt them to purchase even more from you. Drip email campaigns are known to boost engagement with a 119% increase in click rate. That’s a big deal considering how low maintenance this type of email campaign is. You can actively engage your subscribers on autopilot and see big results. 

Another major benefit is that they can target specific user groups and send emails specific to the category you’ve placed them in. Research shows that this method can drive 18x more revenue. This is because they are less likely to unsubscribe if you are sending emails that are relevant to where they are in the buying process. If a new subscriber is being bombarded with an email campaign that is meant for loyal subscribers, that can odd. 

Now that you know the importance and benefits of drip email campaigns, let’s look at some tips to help ensure your success. 

  1. Where are they? It is important that you figure out where your subscribers are so that you can tailor drip email campaigns specific to their needs. One way to watch those subscribers disappear is to send them a poorly planned drip campaign. Emails focused on their journey will work if they’re all in the same stage. Make sure that you always pay close attention to where they are.  
  2. Spread it out. Space out the time between your sends. If you send everyday, it needs to be compelling or you may make them hit the unsubscribe button. Excite them but also give them time to breath. They may come around and buy something later.  
  3. Track progress. Keep track of the results that your drip email campaigns are producing. You need to know what is working and what isn’t. Experiment with different versions of a drip email campaign so you can see which ones produce the results that you desire. This will also help you find out what your subscribers like and don’t like. 

Find ways to segment your audience. Start out with two major segments and go from there. For example; a pain management clinic may divide their segments into Chronic Pain patients and Injury Pain patients. People suffering from chronic pain for years should be communicated to differently than someone who’s healing from a recent accident.

If you can identify differences in your customers, a drip campaign that speaks to those differences can take your business to another level.

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