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Does Your Business Really Need Online Reviews?

Do ALL businesses need reviews? The answer is actually no. Not every business is the same and has different needs that require them to grow. Your business may not actually be one of them considering what your products and services are. Knowing what your business needs can save you time, energy, and thousands of dollars. 

If your business specializes in helping other businesses grow. For example your company helps small businesses get reviews and specialize in SEO work. Believe it or not, it’s common for companies that specialize in services like that do not have reviews. The reason being is because of the constant competition among other businesses. Let’s say there are 20 bakeries in a city. All 20 bakeries are constantly competing with each other for the most customers. If 2 out 20 of those bakeries find a business that offers services that will grow and get more customers, they’re not going to rave online about who helped them. They’re going to keep that to themselves. If your business specializes in anything that helps businesses grow and compete, then you don’t need reviews for your business. The best thing to do would be to display your results and keep your clients names anonymous. 

Businesses don’t want their competition to know about the services that helped them grow. Businesses are fiercely competitive and will keep what got them to success a secret. Knowing this can help you adjust your expectations of the type of businesses that will be coming to you for services to help them grow. 

If you’ve come to the conclusion that your small business does not need reviews, then that’s totally okay! Every business is different and unique in its needs. What you can do instead is cold email other businesses about the services that you offer and work hard at building your network.

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