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Creative Design

Create designs that inspire and move people to action.


People buy with their emotions. Nothing evokes more emotion than good design. Live 1 Media has built its reputation off of award winning design. We design to move people to action regardless of the platform. Set up a call with us today if you have print, web or video projects that need clear and powerful design to move and inspire.

Increase the clarity of your message

Show them who you are. Call people to your brand on a deep level. Our well executed designs will create passion and desire so that customers not only buy but rally behind your brand.

Separate yourself from the competition

Your story and culture separate you from all the competition in your industry. Our designers amplify your story and culture in a way that truly pull you to the front of the pack.

Project the image your customers want

Your customers may have sophisticated taste or may be rough around the edges or anything in between. We create designs that connect their heart to your brand immediately.

The Live 1 Media Difference

Consistency builds trust

No trust – No sale! Nothing builds trust like consistency. We bring consistency to all of your online and offline channels to build trust with consumers for your products or services. When they see consistent visual messages in art and words, they’ll know who you are and why your business is the best fit for them.

Results Based Creative Design

We’ve been around and we know what works. You need a company that knows how to help you develop your brand visually and consistently across all of your media channels. We’ll be your guide and a trusted Business Marketing Partner that focuses on getting you great results.

Creating Creative Consistency

Typically, we start with print.

Step 1 – We design all the possible print pieces that represent your business from external promotions to your internal customer journey.

Step 2 – Then we take the design elements from those print pieces and incorporated them into your website and any web presence you may have, including social media

Step 3 – By now we have a well-established look and feel for your business. We take the words we’ve used along with the visuals and create your business personality. Your business personality will guide your video and audio marketing strategies.

Build a Trusted Brand

Print – We make all of your marketing material match in art, tone, typography and design.

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Web – From your website to your mobile apps to your email campaigns, web encompasses a lot. We make all of it work seamlessly together to benefit your customers and your bottom line.