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Brand Marketing

Successful businesses know that your brand is way more than your logo.


If you wonder about your customer's experience, what potential customers think and how to effectively communicate with them both, then you know the importance of a strong brand. You are like no other in your industry. Live 1 Media will analyze your business, help you clarify your brand and attract people to it. Set up a call today to get your brand working as hard as you do.

Clarify your message

People are naturally drawn towards clarity and run from confusion. Live 1 Media will clarify your message to attract the right attention to your business.

It’s more than your logo

Your logo is a visual representation of what people experience with your business. We will make sure your logo represents you well and that every part of your business is marketed properly.

Your brand is everything

We will work your brand into every aspect of your marketing and sales process. Print, web and video will work together beautifully to drive more customers through the door.

of consumers love a brand because of great customer service.

Source: Fit Small Business

is the average boost in brand recognition by introducing a ``signature color``.

Source: Fit Small Business

of consumers prefer an authentic and honest brand personality on social networks.

Source: Hubspot

The Live 1 Media Difference

Everyone needs to know

You’ve worked hard to build your brand and the world needs to see it. Potential customers need to see what you offer and how you deliver it. The Brand Marketing experts at Live 1 Media make sure your brand shines and gives people what they expect.

Tell the World Who You Are

Are you big and bold or classy and chic or do you save lives? Regardless of where you fall, we will mix the right imagery, words and art to make your print marketing, web properties and videos sing in harmony.

Powerful Imagery

Photography – The right images show who you are. Great photos on your website, product shots and promotional pieces show how committed you are in communicating your solutions to their needs.

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Video – Whether your video is for web or television, we will create compelling videos that attract the attention your brand deserves.

Learn about our Video Marketing service

Engaging Words

Writing – You can’t say one thing and show another. Our professional writers will communicate the tone and feeling of your brand with words that complement the design and show that you are tuned in to your potential customer’s needs.

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