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Audio Marketing

Tell your story like only you can.


Voiceovers, podcasts, interviews, radio and custom music are just some of the cost effective ways to build your brand and grow your customer base through Audio Marketing. Whether its online or offline, Live 1 Media has the team to create stunning audio pieces that bring customers when they hear your brand calling. Set up a call today to get your audio project completed, distributed and bringing you more sales.

Reach New Potential Customers

Millions of people listen to both podcasts and radio every day. A well-crafted audio piece can play in both and yield impressive results.

Tell them why they should choose you

Whether it’s a script being read by a voiceover specialist or an interview about you and your services, audio allows you to tell your story like no other medium.

Drive Action

Speak to your brand and what you offer with the right audience. Offline and online listening audiences are very segmented, allowing you to target channels and mediums that are just right for you.

listen to all or most of each podcast episode.

Source: PodcastInsights

said they purchased an item after hearing it advertised on a podcast.

Source: Edison Research/p>

of all U.S. adults are reached on a weekly basis through radio.

Source: Statista

The Live 1 Media Difference

We help you from concept to completion

Audio has an extremely large number of highly segmented audiences. It can be overwhelming without the right guidance. Thankfully Live 1 Media Audio Marketing is here to help. We identify the segments that are right for you, create the right audio content and distribute it so that new audiences can be drawn into your brand, your story and ultimately your sales process.

No one has your story

Reality check. You are not the only one in your industry. Even if you are starting a new concept you’re still competing with other businesses for people’s money and attention. However, you are the only one with your story. It’s what got you to this point. Audio marketing allows you to tell that story and separate you from the pack.

Types of Audio Marketing pieces

Podcasts – You can start you own or be a guest on someone else’s.

Commercials – We’ll create your audio commercials to play on radio, podcasts or both

Voiceovers – This can be an audio commercial or the voice behind a video.

Music – We have Grammy nominated musicians that are ready to create awe inspiring music for your brand.